Research & Campaigns

When someone seeks advice and help from the Charnwood Citizens Advice the detail of their problem is recorded on a client database – this is the same for anyone using Citizens Advice across the country. The number of people helped each year makes it possible to spot trends, and comment with authority, on the strengths and weaknesses of different policies.


Some problems are specific to the Charnwood area and when that is the case we will bring the issue to the attention of local politicians and councillors so we can have some influence on policies.

When problems are not just local but affect everyone they are picked up by the Citizens Advice central office from the 7 million or so problems recorded in the client database each year. They then talk to government and regulators and work with other provider organisations to find ways of avoiding the problems in future.

As well as giving a voice to their clients, Citizens Advice's research and campaign work ensures that new policies are based on evidence rather than assumptions, benefitting many more people than could ever be advised one-to-one.