What will the Adviser do?

The adviser will focus on your needs as an individual to try and help you manage the problem yourself. Our advisers won't tell you what to do, but will explain what your options are and the possible outcomes for you of different courses of action. You are encouraged to make your own decisions and act on your own behalf.

If you have debt problems, we can help you to create a budget, decide on an appropriate strategy to deal with your debts, prepare court paperwork and assist in negotiating repayments.

We can also assist (during office hours) with emergencies such as threatened disconnections or action by bailiffs. It might be that the adviser will make you an appointment to see our Money Advice Service.

If you have difficulty with reading and writing our advisers can help by assisting with filling in forms,explaining complicated bills or correspondence.

At the end of the interview the adviser will write details of your problem and how you were helped on the Citizens Advice client database. This information is confidential and is not passed to anyone outside the Citizens Advice service