What is the Scams Project?

Many people don't realise that they are being targeted. One local man we helped told us that he couldn't be scammed because he only had his pension. We managed to save him hundreds of pounds a month, some of which he didn't even know was being taken out by of his account by scam companies. He says it feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/businessman-conned-41-grand-victims/story-28979683-detail/story.html

We are looking to work with people who are responding to unwanted mail, especially people who are sending money. We know that it can be hard to admit, and that sometimes people can feel embarrassed, but we are here to help. We won't think you're silly, or make you feel foolish for responding to this very credible professionally produced material and the well practised techniques used by the scammers. Anyone can be susceptible.
The Scams Team who work for Citizens Advice Charnwood and Leicestershire Trading Standards Service are expert in identifying what is and is not a scam and can help you to break the habit by getting the amount of post and calls you receive down, and getting intrusive calls stopped. We have saved many people hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.
We also use the information we receive about companies who are operating scams to identify them and give important information to the National Scams team.

If you are eligible for our help we will visit you at home to discuss your circumstances and help you with personally tailored support. Contact Ann Bates directly on 01509 221204 or drop into your local Citizens Advice Office, or call the Citizens Advice Telephone Advice Line on 0300 3301025.

If you work for an organisation in Leicestershire and feel that they would benefit from a talk about scams and how they operate, with a view to working with us, please call Citizens Advice Charnwood on 01509 221204 and ask for Ann Bates.


Ann Bates Scams Advice Officer, and Nick Dawes Leics. Trading Standards Service, Trading Standards Officer.