Become a Trustee with an important local charity

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a trustee who will come with enthusiasm, commitment
and an interest in our work. Our Board guides the organisation's
operations so that we offer a supportive and effective service as
widely as possible throughout Charnwood. We meet every two months
(currently online) for a quick review of activities, before moving on
to planning future activities, agreeing budgets and progressing the
business plan, working closely with the management team. Your role will be as an active member of the Board, participative and questioning.

You will be asked to work within a sub-committee or project group according to your expertise and interests. We would give you a mentor who would support you through the first few months, and help you understand the charity's operations and its processes.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people of all ages and all backgrounds to help
guide our charity to a positive future. We're aiming to diversify our
board so that it is truly representative of the people of Charnwood.
A few years' work experience will help, in whatever field you are in.
We will provide you with a mentor when you join to help you understand
our organisation and the workings of the board, so a specific
background is not required. We are looking for someone who will be
participative, work happily alongside the other members of the board
and the management team, get interested in the services we offer to
our clients and join in with planning for the future. You will need to
read papers in advance of a board meeting, and give some thought to any comments or questions you may have so that you can communicate
them in the meeting. The role of trustee is not an onerous one, but it
is an important one, one to which you bring your enthusiasm and ideas
to help a very worthwhile charity, and in which you may further
develop your own workplace skills. Additionally, it looks very good on
a CV.

What difference will you make?

We need to widen our perspective, our view of what is needed by the
people of Charnwood, by adding trustees of varying ages and
backgrounds. You will bring a fresh pair of eyes to what we are doing,
and potentially a new set of thoughts and ideas.

Every board member plays an important role, and your input will add to that mix and blend of thinking that results in good organisational management. And your
perspective may be representative of a section of the public that we
may not have included properly before. Come and make the difference!

What's in it for the volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to feel you're helping make a difference
to so many people who find themselves in difficult positions in their
lives. Our advisers are all voluntary, and very well trained in giving advice across a range of issues. As a trustee, you will have
the opportunity to develop and widen your skills, and you will learn
from the other members of the board who have a range of expertise, and
from the operational management led by the Chief Officer.

Before you apply

We would welcome having a phone conversation about this role before
you apply.

Tricia Wray (Trustee)

how to apply