Employer Problems

Posted: Fri, 18 Mar 2022 20:36

Edward came to see us as he was having issues with his employer. He told our Adviser that the company he worked for had changed hands, and through TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings – Protection of Employment) he had been issued with a new contract. Since then, however, Edward felt that the terms in this contract had been broken in several respects.

Since the TUPE Edward said his overtime payments were less than that stated in his contract and he had not had a pay rise since the transfer. He was also not sure whether the promised cover for Death in Service, or Long-term Health Insurance, were in place.

Despite a verbal promise from his Manager and two letters of complaint about his pay, Edward had not had a response. Our Adviser drafted an internal grievance letter for Edward.

This correspondence resulted in Edward receiving a letter from the company's Human Resources Director, confirming that the Death in Service cover and the Permanent Health Insurance were both in place.

Edward then had a meeting with his Manager who promised to settle the overtime issue. He reassured Edward that he would receive correct overtime pay, backdated for twelve weeks, and this would be ongoing. The Manager also suggested to Edward that he might be able to get a pay rise. At this meeting Edward also raised a holiday pay issue. The arrangement seemed to be offering to pay him in lieu of the holidays. Again, the Manager promised to make sure this was looked at.

However, there was about to be a change of management at the Company. This meant that the Manager Edward had been talking to, would be transferred to another area. Our Adviser helped Edward write to the HR Director explaining the undertakings made by the Manager and asking for written confirmation.

Several months passed and Edward returned to our offices with issues regarding his pay. He brought his payslip which he did not understand. Our Adviser looked at the payslip and helped Edward to understand that his wages were, in fact, now correct.

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