Sheila's energy debt

Posted: Mon, 21 Mar 2022 14:35

Sheila came to Citizens Advice as she was worried that she was in debt to her energy supplier because her payment plan had been stopped. The supplier had sent Sheila a letter saying her direct debit had been cancelled because of a missed payment and she owed over £200. As she paid for her energy by payment card, Sheila was confused and upset by the letter. This was exacerbated by her health issues which made it hard for her to concentrate and gave her anxiety.

Our Energy Adviser was able, with Sheila's permission, to contact her supplier and negotiate a new payment plan and arrange for the debt repayments to be spread over several years at an amount Sheila could afford. The Adviser also helped Sheila apply for the Warm Home Discount and gave her some energy saving advice to help her reduce her consumption which meant she would be able to clear her debt in the time given.

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