Do you like to go to events or get involved with running them? Have you ever organized or helped out at anything from a party in a pub to a festival in a field and enjoyed the experience?

We are looking for volunteers to join our Fundraising and Publicity team, helping Citizens Advice Charnwood get known better in the community and raise some funds to help with our work. We hope that you can bring some ideas with you too.

You need to:

  • Be willing to spend some time learning about Citizens Advice
  • Have some basic administrative skills: be able to keep records, be able to write letters and invitations, and be able to make phone calls from time to time from our office. If you can use a computer for typing, sending emails or putting information on a database or spreadsheet that would be an advantage, but is not strictly necessary.
  • Be willing and able to work as part of our volunteer Publicity and Fundraising team, with our staff and trustees, and within the guidelines and budgets we have to use.
  • Work with other members of the team, be willing and able to help plan and organise events. Some experience here would be useful, but if you are willing to learn that is fine.
  • Help us find out about other events in the area where we might be able to join in by having a stall or a table
  • Be willing to help at events, talking to people about their interest in our charity and explaining more about what we do.
  • Be able to give us four to six hours a week on a regular basis.