Are you interested in social media and how it can reach and influence people?

Citizens Advice Charnwood has a Facebook page and are on Twitter and we are about to launch our updated website with the help of our web designers, Cuttlefish. We are looking for a volunteer to help us keep our social media content active, fresh, informative and accurate. Some of the content comes from Citizens Advice at national level, but we would like to do more locally too. Can you work your magic to help us?

You will be volunteering alongside a friendly, supportive group of people who really care about helping local people with whatever problems they face, providing useful information as well as letting them know about our work in the community.

You need to:

Have a good standard of English, so you can write or edit text

Have a general understanding about how to post content on various social media platforms, although some of this can be learned as you go

Be willing to spend some time learning about Citizens Advice so you can help us choose content and messages that make a positive impact

Be willing and able to work as part of our volunteer Publicity and Fundraising team, with our staff and trustees, and within the guidelines we have to use

Be able to give us four to six hours a week on a regular basis. Subject to our confidentiality policy, it might be possible for some of the work to be undertaken at home.