Debt & Money Advice

Telephone our Local Enquiry Line 01509 649605 to make an appointment with one of our Money Advisers.

It is important not to panic about debt problems but also not to ignore them - they won't go away. We all have financial commitments but some critical life events, such as a relationship breakdown, change in family commitments, illness, redundancy, a change in benefits or business problems may affect our ability to manage our finances. Whatever it is, it must be dealt with quickly before the problem becomes a disaster.

If you are worried about taking the first steps, there is free confidential advice available. Citizens Advice can help you to create a budget, decide on an appropriate strategy to deal with your debts, prepare court paperwork and assist in negotiating repayments. We can also help (during office hours) with emergencies such as possession proceedings, threatened disconnections or action by bailiffs.

Citizens Advice Charnwood provides a free, independent and confidential Money Advice Service to people with financial problems or struggling to make ends meet. For more information ring our local advice line.

Before calling into to see us write down details of your income and essential expenditure then make a complete list of your debts and collect all the letters and other documents that refer to them.

The National Debtline and The Money Advice Trust produce a comprehensive guide to dealing with your debts, which is available from Citizens Advice. National Debtline also produces a series of Factsheets describing various aspects of dealing with Debt and many other financial matters. Citizens Advice offers help in interpreting and making use of this information

Citizens Advice Charnwood is the operating name of Charnwood Citizens Advice Bureau.