We are currently recruiting for generalist advisers

Many of our volunteers are Generalist Advisers, helping our clients over the phone and face to face to explore the issue they need help with and find the information needed to solve their problems. Our volunteers are of a range of ages and come from different backgrounds with varied life experiences.

Giving advice can involve supporting clients to find information themselves and to take action, for example, to use a computer to manage their money, pay their council tax bill or find a rented property. Or sometimes it involves helping clients with one specific issue, such as completing a benefits form, or sorting out a consumer problem. But many of our volunteers help clients with a range of issues, supporting them to weigh up their options and to take action.

Occasionally our volunteers move on to paid work within our organisation.

Full training is given and there is continuous supervision and support from our friendly team. Read some of our Volunteers' stories for an idea of what it is like to be an adviser at Citizens Advice Charnwood.