Our Effectiveness

In 2018/19 we -

  • helped 5,408 clients (face to face and telephone advice) with 11,207 issues
  • generated income or savings for our clients amounting to £752,341.00
  • outcomes achieved through our debt advice amounted to £1,417.486.00
  • Hours contributed by Volunteers (including our Trustees) were valued at £304,473

We work together with other local and regional service providers to help people in need, and are part of the following:

  • Homelessness Strategy Steering Group
  • Charnwood Food Poverty Group
  • Registered Provider Liaison Group (housing)
  • Signposting and Community Support Service

We host advisers from PensionWise and, in addition to our own Money Advice team, we host a CAL Debt Caseworker.