Energy Advice & Energy saving tips

Struggling to pay your gas and electricity bills? It is a good idea to start thinking about ways to reduce your energy bills now -

For advice and help with this and all your energy problems ring our Energy Adviser on 01509 221202.

Also, if you are on a low income or getting the guarantee credit part of Pension Credit, you might be able to get £140 off your electricity bill through the WARM HOME DISCOUNT scheme. Don't miss out - the number of discounts suppliers can give is limited.

Although the scheme opens on 18 October it is worth checking with them NOW to see if you qualify and how to apply. Check with them even if you were eligible for a discount last year.

Energy Saving Tips

Set heating and hot water to run only when it's needed – for example, from 30 mins before getting up in the morning to 30 mins before leaving the house.

Set thermostats on hot water tanks to 60c or 140f – the thermostat is about a quarter to a third of the way up a hot water cylinder.

Close curtains – do this at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows.

Block draughts using simple DIY materials – check for draughts around windows and doors that let cold air in and warm air out.

Turn lights off when leaving a room and don't leave appliances on standby – also remember not to leave laptops and mobiles to charge unnecessarily.

Fill up the washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer – one full load uses less energy than two half loads.

Don't fill up the kettle – only boil as much water as you need.

Fix leaking taps and make sure they are fully turned off – a dripping hot water tap can waste enough energy in a single week to half fill a bath with hot water.

Consider getting a smart meter and in-home display – when offered by the energy supplier to see how much energy is being used and to find ways to save money by using less energy.

Do a home energy check to find energy savings of up to £250 a year – find out more on the Simple Energy Saving website

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