Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get help?

You can call our Local Enquiry Line on 01509 649605 or the National Advice Line on 0800 144 8848.

When you ring our Local Enquiry line your call goes through to our Loughborough office. Once you have explained your problem your name and phone number will be added into the queue for one of our Advisers to ring you back. Our calls are made from a withheld number so you must ensure your phone is set to receive calls from withheld numbers. If your query cannot be resolved over the phone, you may be offered a face to face appointment.

The National Advice Line operates Mon-Fri 9-5 whereas our Local Enquiry line is only open 3 days a week.

Appointments are available at our Shepshed office and these can be arranged through our Local Enquiry line.

In Syston, appointments are available on Tuesdays at the Community Centre.
Ring our enquiry line - 01509 649605 - for an appointment.

For full information go to our Opening times & Find Us pages

How long will I have to wait?

Our Advisers, most of whom are Volunteers, work hard to make sure you are contacted as soon as possible but it does depend on how busy we are.

Currently we are experiencing a big increase in the number of people seeking our help due to the cost of living crisis and we ask you to be patient.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment?

YES - any paperwork to do with your problem like bills, contracts, court papers, letters, etc. In fact anything you think will help the Adviser understand the problem you have.

What happens to my information?

Citizens Advice only asks for the information it needs.
We create a record of your visit, the issues you need help with, and the advice given to you.
We let you decide what you are comfortable telling us and it is treated as confidential.

Our Privacy Policy gives more information about how we deal with the information you give us.

What if I have difficulty reading and writing?

You might be offered a face-to-face appointment with one of our generalist advisers. They can help you to fill in forms, explain your bills to you, or write a letter. They can also help you to communicate over the telephone or make a call on your behalf.

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment or I am going to be late?

Call 01509 221220 if you cannot keep your appointment or need to change it, or if you are going to be late. Please note that NO ADVICE is given on this number

What if I miss my appointment?

If you miss ONE appointment, we will make you a second appointment if it is still needed.

If you fail to attend a SECOND appointment, we will assume you no longer need our help - missing an appointment means we are unable to help someone else.

If you miss THREE OR MORE appointments, or continually refuse our advice, we may exclude you from our service.

Client Consent form

This is an example of a Client consent form that shows the information we need from you.