Our Mission Statement

Our Statement of purpose and objectives

As a member of the Citizens Advice network, Citizens Advice Charnwood (CACh) shares the aims of the service, namely:

  • To provide the advice people need to find a way forward and address the problems they face
  • To use the experience so gained to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives

We welcome diversity in our own ranks and are alert to discrimination and inequality as contributors to the issues on which our clients seek our advice. Specifically, we are dedicated to the advice needs of Charnwood residents and our objectives are:

  1. To deliver the best generalist advice service we can at times and in places convenient for Charnwood residents. This currently has three strands –

a) Maintaining, strengthening and, if possible, expanding the face to face advice service in our existing locations

b) Expanding outreach services, particularly for vulnerable clients and those outside Loughborough; and

c) Exploring and developing other ways of delivering advice services and promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities

2. Procure funds for, and deliver high quality specialist (caseworker) advice services in, subject areas of most need, currently debt (money advice) and welfare benefits.

3. Strengthen our local research and influencing profile and contribute to national research.

In order to achieve these objectives, we recognise that we need to:

  • Promote volunteering in our community with diverse volunteering opportunities and high quality training.
  • Lead and nurture our volunteer force and be a good employer to our staff.
  • Build relationships within the national CitA network, meet our membership obligations and play our part in shaping the direction of the Service generally.
  • Build relationships within the Borough with other service providers to provide "joined-up" services and reduce duplication.
  • Build awareness in our community of our presence, values and contribution.
  • Maintain strong systems and financial controls; and
  • Develop and maintain productive relationships with existing and new funders.