We've all been on a roller coaster of change

We've all been on a roller coaster of change

Posted: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 12:30

29 March 2021

Citizens Advice Charnwood has helped more than 2,100 people during the past year of the pandemic.

The local charity, which quickly adapted so it could help more people over the phone and by email, says benefits, employment and housing have been its top pandemic issues. Around 30 staff and volunteers have been working from their living rooms, dining tables and kitchens to make sure people could still access much-needed help.

Chief Officer, Ian Dennis, said: "We've all been on a roller coaster of change throughout this pandemic. We've spoken to people who've never used us before, have had a steady income for years and suddenly feel as if the rug has been pulled from under them and they don't know what to do.

For example, Paul a shop floor assistant, found himself without any income when his employer had to close temporarily due to the latest lockdown. He had very little savings and was worried because he was unable to pay his rent. Paul's hours had already been reduced before lock down and due to the pandemic he could not find other work. Citizens Advice Charnwood advised that as he had started working for his employer before 30 October 2020 he was eligible to be furloughed. They helped him make his case to his employer and also helped him claim Universal Credit to supplement his income and help cover his rent during the crisis.

"We urge anyone that needs support to get in touch as soon as possible - we're here to listen, support and help people find a way forward. It's a reward to hear the relief in people's voices at the end of the call".

Contact Citizens Advice Charnwood on 01509 649605 , Mondays and Thursdays 9.30 am – 3.00pm, Tuesday 9.30am – 12 noon, or visit the website www.charnwoodcab.org.uk

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